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Borderline Film

Borderline is a tragicomedy based on the “Jungle”— the unofficial refugee and migrant encampment in Calais, France – that was home to up to 10,000 people before its dismantlement by the French authorities in October 2016. The show is the result of a 6 weeks devising period with an ensemble of European and refugee performers from 9 different countries: UK, France, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Italy, Palestine, Chile and Sudan. 

"Borderline has established PSYCHEdelight as one of the leading creators of theatre with refugees, exploring new ways to embed genuine participation that can lead to professional performance and artistic development."

- Counterpoints Art


Borderline is co-produced by Counterpoints Art and received precious support from Arts Council UK, The French Institute, The Cockpit, The Young Vic Taking Part, Theatre Delicatessen and Old Vic Workrooms.

Borderline Film was presented at:

Centre Régional Des Arts Du Cirque De Lomme (12. 2021)

M1 Singapore Fringe Festival at Human Rights Day (01 . 2022)

★★★★☆ Bachormeeboy's Review of Borderline

"This is a lovingly-devised, well-crafted show, equal parts camp and sobering, a show made by refugees not for us, but for themselves as they work through their difficulties by finding light amidst the darkness." 

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