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comes back to London for 7 performances only!

Borderline: 13 countries 1 Family

After an International tour that took us  all the way to India, we will be back in London in Jan 2019 with our new creation "Welcome to the UK!" and 7 performances of Borderline, our first show that somehow became our ensemble name!



PSYCHEdelight facilitated art based workshops in Calais Jungle throughout

2015 -2016. Sophie, a theatre director and art-therapist witnessed among the refugees an eagerness for comedy as a way to contrast and express their tragedy. This experience gave her the impulse to create "Borderline". The show is the result of 6 weeks devising period with an ensemble of European and refugee performers altogether from 9 different nationalities : Uk, France, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Italy, Palestine, Chile and Sudan. 

Why a comedy?

Because comedy is just the other side of tragedy, a different way to approach the Western's response to the situation in Calais: We bounced on its insanity and absurdity! Our aim was also to improve public perception of refugees by conveying a positive image far from the dark one often portrayed in the press. We wanted to show their resilience, their numerous talents and their incredible sense of humor that helped them many times along their painful journey.

Borderline is co-produced by Counterpoints Art and received the precious support from Arts  Council UK, The French Institute, The Cockpit, The Young Vic taking part, Theatre Delicatessen  and Old Vic Workrooms.

"Borderline has established PSYCHEdelight as one of the leading creators of theatre with refugees, exploring new ways to embed genuine participation that

can lead to professional performance and artistic development." Counterpoints Art

To read more click   ​here:

"I had enough sadness. I love making people laugh. It makes me feel better..." 

- Enayat, 17 years old, from Afghanistan

Charly Martelli

INDIA (Kerala) : 20-29 Jan

DENMARK (Aalborg): 8-9 Feb

LONDON: 6-11 March Pleasance Theatre

LONDON (school show): 12 March 2018

OXFORD (Oxford Human Rights Festival): 17 March 2018

NORWICH 16 June 2018. SOLD OUT

SWITZERLAND (Lausanne): 18 June 2018

Abd Alrehman Slama

"The people in Borderline hold me and catch me again." Abd Alrehman. Syria


Abd Alrehman Slama

Baraa Halabieh

Charly Martelli

Delia Remy

Gareth Watkins

Enayat Khan

Lujza Richter

Mohamed Sàrràr

Mohanad Hasb Alrsol Badr

Naqeeb Saide

Peter Pearson

Reuben Williams

Roberto Landi

Tracy Radzan

Wasig Zaid

Yasin Moradi

Baraa Halabieh


Tamara Astor (accordeon)

Basel Zaara (drums)

Habib Sadat (drums)



Director:  Sophie NL Besse.
Clown facilitator:  Frank Würzinger
Ensemble work: Rémy Bertrand.
Set Designer:  Petra Hjortsberg
Sound design: Iurii Galkin

Pictures:  Jose Farinha and Severine Sajous (top group pic)

Poster:  Pauline Labadie

Producer: Rebecca Laughton

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