Supervision Workshops

Creative space combining theatre, sculpting and photography to help address stressful situations at work and gain greater peace of mind and clarity. 

Led by Sophie BESSE, art therapist- writer - director and Jose Farinha, Photographer.


"It gave me great insight into my practice in a very refreshing and creative way." Lucy translator in the public sector. workshop organised by Kings College.


Creating collaborative devised work can be really hard work especially if participants are from different backgrounds with several languages involved. 


We help participants develop their own toolkit of techniques, games and strategies to work together to find the story they want to tell in their own ver special way.


Workshops led by Sophie NL Besse, director of Borderline and Welcome to the UK, two satires depicting the lives of refugees in Calais Jungle and in the UK, devised by an ensemble of 15 performers from 8 different nationalities. performers from 10 different countries.