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"PSYCHEdelight's retreats are where creativity & diversity mix to produce a unique experience. This is the recharge we are all hoping for."

Ben Keaton. Clown & Founder the Creativity Accademy

31 May - 4 June

The Poetic Clown

27 Aug  - 2 Sept

The Creative Retreat

“This space lands itself in magic. An adventure playground for your inner child!”

Patrick Kealy (Theatre Maker & Performer)

The Poetic Clown

3 days dedicated to the little fellow we all hold somewhere inside us: our vulnerable, brave broken, silly, naughty, infuriated  poetic clown.

A time to play, dream, vent out, mess around, explore and create.

Day 1: Arrival - Moonlight walk & campfire

"Fuck that" opening ritual. Let's find out what we need  to make a revolution about.

Day 2: Going on a clown hunt. We might have found themes, even names for our clowns but calling them is not enough, these little creatures can be very shy at first and tend to  hide. In hammocks, under a flower, down the river, in between bamboos, or even inside trash bins (yes, lots of clowns grow in trash bins among broken & wasted stuff).  So this will be a long outdoor day exploring our secret games to find our clowns. 

Day 3: The Poetic Language 

Clowns can talk of course but sometimes they'd rather not, or at least not with proper words like we (try) to do. Because it's too difficult, even painful, or just too boring. Clowns love visual poetry and metaphors  because then they can be heart wrenching, endearing and hilarious at the same time. Just like how life is really. They will tell you the terrible truth but with a flower of imagination  in their hand. Yes they can be pretty cool like that. 

So on day 3 we'll go to their language school for the day. (More about our poetic approach here.)

Day 4: Time to dress up & invite friends over!

Last evening is party time with guests from the village. It's not a show, not even a sharing, more of an invitation to enter the worlds we explored. And of course for our clowns it's finally the time to get messy-creative, dress up and put make up on! We will explore diverse universe resonating with our themes in a metaphorical way playing around with objects, clothes, recycling bins and Nature's gifts. The last touch will be the make-up of course, a sacred ritual involving a magic mirror to reach inside you and spot the shadows and colours of your clown. We will use organic product such as clay and pigments.

Day 5: Group outing in the Region before parting. The selection of beauties and wonders is vast (medieval castles and villages, Dordogne river etc), we will choose the location for our goodbye trip together.


The Creative Retreat

27 Aug  - 2 Sept

A time for theatre makers, group facilitators and curious souls. A  pause from very demanding jobs to re-connect with yourself, your creativity and your needs, to be able to share, create and give again. A moment in stunning nature to explore our approach celebrating diversity, facilitation & empowerment as well as clowning & visual poetry  (more about our approach  here).  An opportunity to share your practice and questions with others, get inspired and bring new skills & colours back to your community.

No specific experience needed. Your difference is our chance.

photo 25-07-2022, 13 38 52.jpg

“Thank you Sophie for your support, playfulness, and generosity for allowing all of us to explore and express our deepest creative selves.”

Tony Cealy (Applied Theatre director and facilitator)


What to expect

- 6 days workshops with a sharing  on the Monday + 1 day visiting the beautiful region before parting.

- A moment to recharge and unwind through silent walks, body care, massages  and support games.

- An introduction to Clowning: Laughter is our antidote to stress, exclusion and isolation. As a theatre company, we address serious matters and work with actors who experienced trauma but always with a cheeky smile…

- Games and ensemble work. One of our specialities is community building and we have developed many games accessible to all.

- An experience of devising: As a group we will explore what is "us" and what we wish to explore and share at the end of the retreat.

« A unique, life transforming experience. Peaceful nature, stunning village and delicious food! » Isameldin Agieb (community facilitator)

You will also find

- A swimming pool.

- A sauna

- Monpazier's local market (thursday morning)

- Barbecues and live music

Your Stay


You will stay in an old mill from the 14th century  and its wooden chalets surrounded by a little river and a bamboo forest. 

We have 2 individual rooms (first come first served) and 4 twin rooms.

We are 35 minutes away from Bergerac airport and 4 min walk away from Monpazier, a bastide from the 12th century classified "One of France's most beautiful village". 

About the Facilitator

Turkey copy.jpg

Facilitator: Sophie Bertrand Besse AD of PSYCHEdelight. Sophie directed our shows and facilitates our north London Together Workshops since their creation in 2016. Sophie is both trained in drama and therapy and developed an expertise in physical theatre, ensemble work and clowning (Among other trainings: Gaulier, Lecoq, LISPA, John Wright, Lucy Hopkins, Complicite, Told By an Idiot.) She is specialised in participatory theatre directing and devising. She creates shows with mixed casts involving communities who experienced a traumatic life journey. She is a diversity advocate and expert at holding a space with different ages, languages and abilities in the room. She worked with young offenders and women in prison for 7 years and  is the founder of PSYCHEdelight's  Together Workshops welcoming local people and refugee communities.

« Feeling very grateful for a week like this full of images and poetry. » Daisy (Theatre Director working with autistic communities)

« Such a special time. Missing it already! »

Elena (collages artist and wellbeing facilitator)


Total for 7 days  AUGUST: We have three prices:

SUPPORTER:  £620 You help us make our retreat accessible to people who can't afford it.

NORMAL: £560.


100 non refundable deposit to secure a space.

Total for 4 days JUNE: £320.

SUPPORTER:  £400 You help us make our retreat accessible to people who can't afford it.

NORMAL: £350.


100 non refundable deposit to secure a space.



The fee includes food, accommodation, workshop and transport from and to Bergerac airport or station for those flying or taking the train to Bordeaux. Contact us to arrange details before booking your transport.

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