★★★★★ "5 Stars really aren't enough. 2 actors, 1 small stage, but one hell of a show."

 "Funny, sad & very emotional. The Empty Frame was amazing." Fertility Road Magazine

   Credit:  Jonathon Vines.


 "Extremely powerful and moving play about adoption and infetility" ICI-Londres

The Empty frame: "A stage. Lots of pictures hanging everywhere. Some call it a mess, others a life. Somewhere in the middle, HE and SHE and their baby that they can already see. They are waiting. On their own? Yes. Together? Good question. Oh and there is also this clock. Yes, there's always a clock in a waiting area. If only SHE could stop it ticking...

A production funded by Arts Coucil England and CRM Care Fertility




credit Jonathon Vines

    Theatre503. 20-24 Jan 2015

   Photos Credit Jonathon Vines

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